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Lodge St Molios No 774 and Arran St Molios Royal Arch Chapter No 893

To Be One, Ask One

Are you thinking about joining freemasonry on Arran? Have you thought about joining a Lodge and got cold feet? Are you worried it might be too expensive? It costs less than you may think! Freemasonry is a unique worldwide charitable organisation that makes good men better.

Freemasonry is founded on the immutable laws of Truth and Justice and its grand object is to promote the happiness of the human race.

— George Washington

Making Good Men Better

We’re not a secret society —we’re a society with secrets.

If you live on Arran or are thinking of moving here, why not join our Lodge? We meet on the third Monday of the month from September to April, so eight meetings a year.

People from all walks of life join masonry for all sorts of reasons and, once a member, you will find yourself part of an organisation that provides a level playing field, where rank and fortune are left behind at the door. All men are created equal, and freemasonry allows for that equality to continue.


Entered Apprentice


Fellow Craft


Master Mason


Mark Master Mason


Excellent Master


Royal Arch Mason

Ready to Become a Better Man?

Become a Freemason and be the best you can be.

Join the Lodge and become a member of a worldwide society of men looking to become the best they can be. Freemasonry on Arran is a wonderful experience; we take our ritual seriously and enjoy travelling around the Province of Argyll & the Isles, one of the largest geographical and most picturesque provinces in the country.

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